Bookmap Ecosystem

Easy booking of car services & reliable car history on blockchain

What problems we solve

1True mileage

Bookmap Mileage Counter - OBD device for vehicle-platform communications basing IoT/eSIM technologies. The device is mounted in a car’s OBD diagnostics port and reads mileage from the car computer and transmits it to the Bookmap blockchain built on HyperLedger Fabric.
  • Continuous reading of odometer values to prevent falsification
  • Global cellular coverage in 150 countries with our partner
  • Easy installation, plug-in & go
  • Active security - always know where is your car

2Full car history

Bookmap CRM system for car services - tool for creating full car history including all scheduled maintenances, repairments and insurance cases.
  • Full car history always in one place
  • Helps to improve business and manage the work of a car service station more effectively
  • Real-time calendar
  • Automatic email/sms/push notifications

3All car services in one place

Bookmap Aggregator, mobile/desktop applications - convenience of booking various automotive services for car owners from any part of the globe and in an interactive mode.
  • All car services in one place
  • Fast booking of needed works in real-time
  • Distance and rating overview from the map view
  • Bookmap Assistant - peer-to-peer road help

How it works

Full car history in the form of ready-to-use reports
Bookmap will be generating ready-to-use reports containing full reliable car history for the use by third parties (it will be extremely beneficial to private car sales).
  • The report is needed to check the car’s history before buying it
  • Car owners will get bonus points for the permission to sell the data about their car
  • The data for report will be stored in the private blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric)
  • API for external partners
Bookmap will create international marketplace of cars with reliable and full history when the database gets big enough.